Super excited to start the Visional blog!

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We're finally here, with the new website and blog and super excited to be communicating with you now.

Our goal is to provide valuable content to help make retailers successful using technology and "playing to their strengths." Having worked with hundreds of local, bric & mortar retailers over the past 15 years we've seen them spending valuable time and dollars in building tools that do not play to their strengths, but to the strengths of their competition - the ecommerce pure plays.

Smart money goes into building on your strong points not trying to play the competition;s game - that's a losing proposition 99 of 100 times, we've seen it happen over and over again and a frankly tired of hearing all the sad, negative news on how local retailers are dying breed and are going to be replaced with ecommerce, robots and drones.

So let us know what your immediate pains are and even if we don't provide the exact tool to help we'll help you find the best solution from the hundreds of companies we know and work with and respect. We're here to help so use us - and tell us your success story.

And say hello to booboo, our love :)