A full-featured and powerful appointment scheduling option for retail and e-commerce stores

A robust scheduling tool is key to serving shoppers in the digital age.

Easy step by step process for Scheduling

Choose Host

Shoppers can select from a full selection of store associates

Select Available Slot

Next they pick a time that works for them with the elected associate

Book the Appointment

Confirm and book the appointment, easy as 1-2-3.

Individual Agent Schedules and profiles

Create individual calendars for each agent including agent profiles. 

Customers can select based on their agent preference or availability.


Store, event, session, agent level analytics

Email and SMS notifications

Notify customers, agents and even management on events, appointments, session

Create & manage multistores

Manage multiple stores from a single account

Have agents move between stores with ability to book appointments in specific stores without having to manually track the appointments.